Congratulations to Mike Brown & Death Wish Coffee Co.
for winning the “Small Business Big Game” contest!

I am proud of Mike's phenomenal success and honored to have a part in it.

Mike regularly dominates Amazon search results for “coffee” – beating out the big brands like Folgers and Maxwell house. How does he do it? By relentlessly applying proven marketing principles my team and I teach every day.

Here’s my history with Mike and the rise of DWC – the world’s strongest coffee.

Mike started with a small coffee shop in Saratoga Springs, New York, but struggled to really get things going. He decided to make the world’s strongest coffee – Death Wish Coffee. After various attempts at marketing it with mediocre results, Mike discovered my book – Free Marketing:101 Low and No-Cost Ways To Grow Your Business Online & Off... and things began to take off!

Listen to me interview Mike about his early success after reading Free Marketing.

Mike's email to me in Aug. 2012

Mike’s business continued to grow and reach a whole new level of notoriety. He talked about it at my first ever Internet entrepreneurs’ conference, CES I, in 2013.

“I’ve gone through that book [Free Marketing] probably like 20 times.”

Mike and/or Death Wish Coffee have been featured on:

Even with all this success, Mike continued to pursue excellence and joined my private Master Mind group to strengthen and refine his marketing strategies. Mike applied the things we discussed and continued to build one of the world’s leading coffees – and attract a ton of raving fans.

In the summer of 2015 Mike contacted me to tell me about the Intuit QuickBooks “Small Business Big Game” contest. I was excited to help and encourage my online community to vote for DWC.

My remarks at my 3rd annual conference for Internet entrepreneurs, CES III.

I cannot give a bigger THANK YOU for all of the support I received from CESIII. I think I teared up when you mentioned us and the contest and everyone was so supportive. I'm honored to be part of such an amazing community and so impressed at how you are able to weed out all of the negative and bring in smart, caring and driven people.

- Mike Brown

Death Wish Coffee Co. is a 21st century small business success story. Mike Brown is a true entrepreneur and my team and I are humbled to have a part. It’s what we love to do – create success stories.

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Jim Cockrum


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